Condolence & Memory Journal

I went to High School with Gus. My deepest condolences to you and your entire family.

Posted by Samantha Pena - Revere, MA - Friend   June 04, 2020

Harry and I enjoyed the video this morning. Years ago I caught Rolando singing, Ave Marie in his shop. It was awesome. He could have sang professionally for sure.

Posted by Thelma Davis - Ipswich, MA - Friend   May 29, 2020

Like a ray of sunshine Rolando's cheerful manner touched everyone's heart. He entered the business building, with a wide smile. Good morning, he'd say.
Many of us loved him, especially when he openly talked about his plight with cancer. I became a mother figure while watching his perseverance, fighting breast, lung and liver cancer.
While Taking cancer treatments, he managed to get up and drive to work. It was if he had nine lives.
All that changed Sunday, May 17. He had trouble breathing with difficulty talking. He cut our conversation short. This time, he didn't say, Love you, TJ. Instead he said, Bye, bye TJ.
I managed to say, Bye, bye.
He died in ICU less than 24 hours later.

Posted by Thelma Davis - Ipswich, MA - Friend   May 24, 2020